House of Avila


House Of Avila is dedicated and passionate about all things design! We as a company will help you in the designing, decision making, managing and organising your project, wether it's big or small. We cater to Residential and Commercial clients and offer a variety of services.

House Of Avila is a close nit company so we can really focus are inspirational feelings and design on a very personal one to one level without the corporate run of the mill feel. To find out more please follow the links below.

Full Design Service

Our full service design projects are for the busy person who wants good design without having to address every detail themselves.

We work to develop trust so we can implement your project and get you settled in your new space as soon as possible without you experiencing all the headaches and tedium of every tiny decision along the way. Are you ready to get started!?

Design Service

DESIGNED in a Click! is a quick design consultation that's done remotely, via e-mail, to answer a specific question or address a specific problem you're having with your interior OR if you're a designer and would like a little biz me up.

This is also the best way to get answers to your sourcing questions for my projects.


I have sources. Sources that let me borrow all kinds of beautiful things, from vases to trays to art to the tiniest horn handled magnifying glass. And I want to style your home w/ them!

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