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The Stone Cottage, surrounded by an abundant amount of fields and incredibly beautiful scenery. The cottage sits back a little ways back from the road. As you meander down the path to the main entrance you get a sense of tranquility oozing from the surrounding plants and flowers that surround this property.

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As the seasons change through the year you will never be disappointed by the abundance of colours and smells from this garden. This sense of greenery and colour is reflected into the style of the decor. With hints of soft pastel greens and dark brown oak beams contrasting against the bright white ceiling. The interior really has come a long way.

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Originally the ceiling in this property was low and all one level. Creating a very small space and didn’t feel very spacious. By taking the ceiling out and exposing the high beams in the main dining area we were able to give this room the hight it rightly deserved. Doing this has made all the difference in appearance and feel.

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Playing around with many layouts, cupboard style and sizes was a must for this kitchen design, In order to maximise on space. By using deeper wall units meant that plates could also be stored here in the wall units. Pan drawers gave more space for heavy pots and pans and made them more accessible rather than a cupboard where you would have to reach to the back to access what you required. Using curved cabinets and curved feature end panels, we created a very soft and curvaceous feel to the kitchen.

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A glossy very lightly mottled grey Quartz was the worktop choice for this kitchen design scheme. Quartz is a very beautiful material that many choose because of its variety in colours, styles and finishes. Quartz, dependent on these qualities can range in expense from Low £ to extortionate ££££. The reason for this is because quartz has become very popular in the kitchen industry due to the material being manufactured using broken down stones i.e Granite and reformed into many different styles and colours. The more complicated the design the more expensive.

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Hand Painted Solid wood doors in a shaker style gave this kitchen its country cottage vibe. Hand Painted is one of many high end kitchen door styles. This is because of the process for manufacture. Taking 6 weeks from start to finish is a long time and should be carefully considered when planning.

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